Utah State Fair 2017

Since moving from D.C., my husband and I have made a concerted effort to involve ourselves and our son in as many local activities as possible — and in Utah, those possibilities are endless.

It seems like every weekend there’s a new farmer’s market or amusement park or entertainment event.

This weekend, we decided to take advantage of our first State Fair.

Utah State Fair 2017

Living in D.C., State Fairs were not a thing. Not even Virginia or Maryland hosted a comparable event, as far as we know. So obviously, we had to see what it was all about.

We decided to go mid-afternoon on Saturday because we were up in Salt Lake City and knew we might not have made it back once we’d gone home.

I’d bought the tickets well in advance online, where they were $8 through Flash Seats as opposed to the $10 at the door.

Hooray for saving $4!

When we arrived, we paid $10 for parking right next to the rodeo arena, and walked right in. No crowds or lines at the Utah State Fair, my friends! At least not until evening…

Once inside the fairground, we bought $25 worth of tickets for rides…

And quickly discovered that most of the rides and games took only cash.


So Gavin played a basketball game, and I won Holden a Smurf playing darts.

At that point, we grabbed a lemonade and some Chick-Fil-A, called it quits on the cash, and went in search of the ticket-ready rides.

We found them galore in the kids’ section, where, much to our delight, we discovered that Holden (who’s not yet 2) could actually ride the rides if we were with him!

In the kids section, we went on the carousel, the monster trucks, and, his favorite, the cars! (We went on that one twice, and Holden loved it so much that the woman collecting tickets told me she’d let him ride a third time for free if he wanted.)

Sidenote: The whiplash-inducing turns on these things are no joke. 

Once we’d used up our tickets, we headed to the free circus tent… only to discover that we’d needed an advance ticket to the show. The next tickets were to be distributed about 3 hours from then, so we just decided to head out.

Even though we didn’t stay more than a few hours, the few rides we found will be perfect for Holden as he grows older.

I will say, I think we all preferred the South Jordan Fair to the State Fair, if we’re honest. There’s something about truly local that gives an event a little magic…

Thanks for joining on this magical journey with us!




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