Utah Pumpkin Patches for All the Fall Fun

Man, D.C. You need to step up your game.

We’ve been in Utah for almost a year now, and there is nothing here I would trade for the world.

Well, that is except apple picking.

There’s no apple picking in Utah! At least not in the SLC area.

But what Utah lacks in apple picking it makes up for in farmers’ markets and pumpking patches.

Man oh man, there are more pumpkin patches in the SLC area than you could ever visit in one season.

Utah Pumpkin Patches for All the Fall Fun

We tried to visit as many patches as we could this year, but we only made it to three. [Facepalm].

Next year, I’m going to make it a goal to visit at least ten.

The three we found this year, though, were phenomenal, and I would recommend their experiences to any family in the area.

Urban Farm + Feed | Sandy, UT

Well, by now you know there’s a special place in my heart for Urban Farm + Feed. I love their pies and fresh foods, and we always come away with a scrumptious treat when we visit.

Aside from their pumpkins and petting zoo, Urban hosts Saturday morning apple cider donuts for the kiddos each week. YUM!

We got our apples and pumpkins from their market this year, and I bought six $5 bundles of corn stalks to tie to the front of our house. They were PERFECT. I don’t ever decorate for Fall (I’m a Christmas fanatic), but this did the trick in a gorgeous and classic way!

They’re looking into starting a winter market, too, so I will definitely be back for that!

Kuwahara Farms | Draper, UT

Kuwahara was a super fun experience. If you buy a pumpkin, they’ll give you a free entrance ticket to their corn maze and bounce houses.

We bought three pumpkins and each scored a ticket.

The corn maze was intense, but so much fun for the little guy to explore. We let him lead the way and he had fun trying out the twists and turns and nibbling on the random ears of raw corn lying on the path lol.


There were performances and folks dressed in costumer for extra fun, but I think my favorite part of all was the corn pit.

Holden loved this thing, and kept going back for more, especially once we took his shoes off and he could explore the kernels with his toesies.

Petersen’s Family Farm | Riverton, UT

Right around the corner from us, Petersen’s Family Farm is the place to be on weekend nights in the Fall. Food trucks surround a family-friendly eating area, and the activities are endless.

Kids can pick pumpkins, pet the goats and chickens, explore on the tractor hayride, pick fresh fruit and cider from the market, run the corn maze, and climb on antique tractors — Plus so much more!

There’s something for everyone here, and we can’t wait to go back next Fall!

In the meantime, we’re making Petersen’s a regular holiday season adventure, now that they have all of their Christmas goodies up and in the market.

Do you have a favorite Utah pumpkin patch you love to visit? And more importantly, are there any apple orchards in SLC??

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