Urban Farm & Feed

I’m not a city girl.

Never have been, never will be.

In fact, I distinctly remember my dad asking me, when I was in middle school, whether I’d like to go to his college alma mater in the middle of West Philadelphia. I told him, “No, Dad. I’m a country bumpkin.”

(Spoiler alert: I ended up attending.)

In fact, not only did I go to college in the middle of Philadelphia, but I went to grad school there, too. In all, I spent a little over five years in Philly before I got out.

And where did I escape to, you ask?

Washington, D.C.

[Cue facepalm].

Clearly, I’m a glutton for urban punishment.

I ended up going to grad school in D.C., too, after which I decided I would stay. For six years. 

Needless to say, when I finally left D.C., I opted to live as far from a city as possible, without actually giving up the amenities a city like Salt Lake might offer.

What I like about rural areas, aside from the fact that I grew up in rural Pennsylvania so it feels like home, is the atmosphere and attitude of extra-urban life.

I like it when people use their hands to create something new.

I like it when people say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ as if they’d internalized Mayberry and dropped it onto 21st century America.

I like knowing my neighbors.

And I like the appreciation rural and suburban America has for hard work and sacrifice.

Living in a city means hyper-efficiency, so much so that we’ve created ways around hard work, and we’ve left zero time to really get to know our neighbors and our community.

All this to say that when I discovered Urban Farm & Feed in nearby Sandy, I was ecstatic. 

Urban Farm and Feed

Open Tuesday to Saturday, it offers fresh produce, pies and goodies, live animals, and a feel of community and camaraderie you’ll scarcely find anywhere else.

Also, kombucha. Win!

Urban Farm & Feed offers summer camps for kids where they teach hands-on skills and crafts related to farming and cultivating the land.

Every other Saturday in the summer and fall months, they even host breakfast, made with their own fresh ingredients!


And the best part of all? Aggie ice cream from Utah State University.

Omg. The Aggie Blue Mint, you guys?? To die for. It’s cookies & cream meets mint chocolate chip meets Heaven. And it’s blue.


It’s gorgeous and the most delicious mint rendition I’ve ever tried.

I had to fight my son for it.

I won.



Okay, I almost won.

We also tried the True Aggie Night, a combination of raspberry and chocolate. Man oh man oh man.

Anyway, make your way down to Urban Farm & Feed immediately to get your hands on these delicacies and to support your local farm shop!

You will not regret it!



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