Salt Lake City Festa Italiana 2017

            I’m one quarter Italian.

My grandfather was a Montano, and he was about as Italian as you could get: Brilliant, big-hearted, and opinionated.

I get a lot of my traits from him.

I think the most obvious Italian trait I inherited was the Italian love of food.

I can eat all the food.

But you put an Italian meal in front of me, and I’m a goner. (Incidentally, so is said food.)


So when I heard there was an Italian festival right up the street, I was on it like an Italian kid on cannoli.

Salt Lake City Festa Italiana 2017

My hubby, son, and I visited the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake, and explored the various food vendors, musicians, and, yep, cars the festival had put on display.

The 2017 vendors included:

Carmine’s Italian Cuisine 

Mendolia Sausage 

Celeste Ristorante Italiano 

Sicilia Mia & Antica Sicilia 

Pizzeria Frattelli Tasso 

Marcello’s Ristorante Italiano

Per Noi Trattoria

Michelangelo Ristorante

Caffe Torino 

Ti Amo Pizzeria 

Buon Appetito Catering 


Caffe Aiello 

Sweetaly Gelato 

We tried Ti Amo Pizza and Sweetaly Gelato, and both did not disappoint. (Although the service at Ti Amo was dreadfully slow).

At Sweetaly, I chose the stracciatella flavor, my favorite gelato flavor.

Stracciatella is pronounced [strah-chah-TELL-uh], and it consists of vanilla gelato with crisp chocolate shavings.

It’s essentially Italian chocolate chip.

And it is delectable.

Interestingly, its name comes from the Italian stracciare, which means “to rip or tear up.” (I always assumed it had something to do with the Italian words for “star,” stella and asterisco, since the shavings look like stars against the vanilla backdrop.)

Anyway, we sat around and listened to a tribute to Italian composers on the main stage, and then headed out.

Overall, I was disappointed that there weren’t more classic Italian desserts available, but we saw a few cannoli renditions that satisfied the basic dolci urge.

Next year, I’d like to see tiramisu, panettone, struffoli, pana cotta, and zeppole. 

My mouth is already watering.




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