La La Land | Los Angeles

Back in October, I had the chance to visit the City of Angels for a work conference.

Normally, when you’re at a work conference, the rest of your time is spent rushing to dinner and catching up on zzz’s. But since it was my inaugural trip to Los Angeles, and I was alone for the first time in awhile, I decided to take advantage of my freedom and pack it to the brim.

During my three-day stay, and coming off a high from the Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone blockbuster, I made sure to see as much of La La Land as possible.

La La Land | Los Angeles

On my first day, I headed straight to Venice Beach to check out the LA sights.

I met the one and only Dandexx Reggae, and got to shoot a few photos for him.

I got to watch some of the local artists tagging on the beach, and then I headed down to touch the Pacific for the first time.

While I was on the beach checking out the gulls, I caught site of an Italian model having his photo taken, and I asked if I could snap a few, too.

How LA, amiright?!

After grabbing a mocha at Menotti’s, I headed to Santa Monica Pier to see the park and the rides.

On my way, I stumbled upon Terminator Thompson and Malachi Simmons tearing it up in front of the bridge.

I was mesmerized, you guys. Talk about talent. It’s always so incredible to watch people sharing their gifts with others, and these guys seem to be spending their lives doing just that.

If I make it back to LA, I will definitely seek them out again. What a show!

Meet Me at Santa Monica Pier

When I made it to the Pier, it was just like in the movies. The beach below, eateries and attractions for every age lined the boardwalk.

I hung out and watched the rollercoasters and Ferris wheel go around a few times before heading out.

My next excursion was to the Original Farmers Market. What a beautiful outdoor marketplace!

And by “marketplace” I mean a mall. Complete with movie theatre, World Market, Kiehl’s, Sur la Table, and Zara, to name a few.

In addition to the shops, they also (obviously) had a huge outdoor farmer’s market. So, of course, I grabbed a delightful Californian fruit salad – complete with fresh coconut and dragonfruit – and sat on the curb to people watch for a bit.

After lunch, I went in search of a sweet spot, and found the beautiful Laduree — which, I’m ashamed to say, I’d never even heard of before this trip. But I went in because are you kidding me with this decor?! Aside from its scrumptious French desserts, I think I found my new home decor inspiration.

Also, macarons. Upon macarons. Upon macarons.

After a long day of exploring, I headed back to my hotel to rest up for the next day of the conference.

More on that part of the adventure later!!



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