The Hallmark of Style | Hallmark Baby

If you couldn’t tell by now, I like pretty things.

It might be an addiction of sorts, but I legit cannot get enough of the aesthetically pleasing.

So when I stumbled upon Hallmark Baby, my pupils dilated and my heart started racing.

The Hallmark of Style

I know what you’re thinking: Hallmark?? As in the cards??

Yeah, guys. I remember going to Hallmark stores for the Beanie Babies in my glory days. So I always knew they sold more than cards, but I never realized there was an entire sector within their organization that exclusively sold adorable children’s clothes.

And not just clothes, you guys. Toys. Decor. Blankets. Anything your heart could desire. This collection is gold. 

But only if you appreciate the elegant, tasteful, and cute. 

My eyes immediately latched on to the little pillow animals and play pals they offer, especially the Cora fox plush doll, which I snatched up.

And can we talk about this little ride-on zebra stick horse?? I mean, come on! Talk about nostalgic!

And then there are the clothes.

Gorgeous, well-made, and totally fashionable. I can’t get enough of them.

The sweaters have a gorgeous texture, and each is lined with a beautiful “Hallmark Baby” ribbon lining. Talk about attention to detail! I love me a solid lining.

The color palette is a gorgeous muted tone, but its vibrant pops of color draw the eye’s attention.

Do the Hokey Polk-y

The first time we put Little Man into his holiday dots pullover sweater, he literally would not let us take it off him. He slept in it for two nights before we just had to yank him out of it for the sake of his peers’ noses.

He’s worn it three times since then. And we’ve only had it a few weeks. Pretty sure he actually did a load of laundry himself just to have it a day early.

Take a look at Hallmark Baby‘s winter collection, including gorgeous Baby’s First Christmas gear, and take a walk down the most beautiful memory lane of childhood nostalgia!

I am so glad I found Hallmark Baby, and I will continue to dress Little Man in their garb until he transitions to regular sized Hallmark Big People.

So cards. He will wear cards.



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