That’s the Way the Cookie Kingdom Crumbles | The Sugar House Bakery

Have you ever seen Babes in Toyland?

I don’t mean the original 1934 film. I mean the holiday cult classic, only-released-on-TV-and-VHS, limited edition and presently unavailable, star-studded musical version.

I’ve only seen it, oh, one million times.

I mean, c’mon. Drew Barrymore? Keanu Reeves? Mr. Miyagi??

Yeah, all rounded up into one sensational candy-coated cast.

My mom tells me I used to sit in front of our TV watching it on a nonstop loop when I was younger.

I thought I went outside a few times, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was right.

I remember everything there is to remember about that film.

The pink and purple bumper cars, the horrifying goons, the words to “Cincinnati” (a.k.a. literally the only reason I know how to spell that word).

But the thing I remember most?

The cookie scene.

Yeah, that scene has stuck with me.

Not only was it the first time I’d ever heard the phrase, “That’s the way the cookie kingdom crumbles,” but it was also the first time I laid eyes on perfectly iced cookies.

I was mesmerized.


They were clearly plastic props. Right?

Yeah, obviously. Until Georgie Porgie ate one.

You guys, they were real. Which means someone made them. In real life.

Ever since, I’ve been fascinated by people who can bake and ice a perfect cookie. Like, baking and icing cookies are equal parts amazing to me. I can’t even get a slice-n-bake to come out in the same shape it went in. And there are people out there who can craft these things from scratch and then voodoo them into perfectly symmetrical and uniform pieces?? And then ice them like Van Gogh?!

My heroes.

So imagine my awe when I happened upon Meaghan of The Sugar House Bakery at this year’s Salt + Honey Market.

The Sugar House Bakery

Her cookies are gorgeous, you guys. And she’s local! So I can eat them any time I want!

Which is never.

Never will I eat them. Why? Because they’re not delicious? Oh no, they’re delicious alright. I know because I tenderly snatched a bite from my son’s red car cookie.


I simply cannot, however, bring myself to eat these things. Try as I might, they are just too beautiful to destroy.

I legit still have four left from this past weekend. They sit, enclosed in glass, atop my kitchen’s cake stand, a presentation for all the home and its visitors.

(Okay, it’s for me. The presentation is for me.)

That’s the way the cookie kingdom crumbles.

Every time I brush past the display, I’m filled with immediate happiness and gratitude that so much talent exists in this world — and that there are people willing to share it.

After all, isn’t that the point of having gifts? To share them with others?


I, for one, am so thankful Meaghan is willing to share her cookies with me.

Because in the end, “Friend something better than chocolate ice cream… Maybe friend somebody you give up last cookie for.”

—Cookie Monster


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