A Very Cousin Christmas

“Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.”


Until November 18, 2015 at 5:38 pm, my favorite tiny person in the whole world was my niece, Josie.

We’d watch her many a weekend when we all lived in the DC area, and my now husband and I would make sure every visit held a new adventure.

She called me ‘Tia’ and I called her ‘YoYo’.

Three years ago, my brother and sister-in-law moved across the country to a new job in Seattle. Although I tried, I couldn’t convince them to let me keep her.

So now I get to see my little YoYo but once or twice a year.

This year, we flew out to Seattle for her 4th birthday (which happened to be the same day her little sister, Bryn, was born), and then got to see her again in July for a wedding in Cancun.

And, of course, she came out for Thanksgiving at our house this year.

It’s so crazy to think that my brother and I are both parents. And even stranger that our kids are each other’s cousins.

A Very Cousin Christmas

It was such a pleasant surprise to see how well Josie interacted with my Holden.

He adores her, and she loves having someone to entertain and take care of.

They’re the perfect pair.


(Although we’re not sure she’s very amused by him.)

We made sure, while everyone was together, to grab as many photos of the three cousins as we could.

Holden and Josie played together the whole time, chasing each other, climbing on machinery, and being altogether mischievous at each other’s behest. Meanwhile, Bryn ate twigs.

They even had a series of races at one point.

(Josie won every time. Until her mommy told her the “secret” — Still not sure what the secret is, but it made Holden come in 1st once!)

All in the Family

Growing up, I was one of twelve cousins on my mother’s side, and one of eight on my dad’s side.

Since my twin brother and I both married only children, Josie, Bryn, and Holden are the next generation. So it’s important to me that they know each other.

So far, we’re on the right track.

My dream is to see all of them in Disneyland in the coming years. In the meantime, we plan to head up to Seattle again to ride the giant Ferris wheel and play with Josie in 2018.

I don’t think Holden can hold out any longer than that.

Are you close with your cousins? Any advice for keeping cousins close?

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